What the…???

imageIn celebrating the first prompt in the new digs, write a little Flashy Fiction about something surprising, shocking.  It could be finding the website you frequent has moved, a long-established store has closed, a friend is hitting forty (“No way, she doesn’t even look thirty!”), or, pushing the shock factor a bit, learning a spouse is also a sibling (or an alien), that gnomes have taken up residence in your home’s crawlspace, or that you’re the only person in your entire ancestry not to have lycanthropy.  Whatever you choose, have fun with it!

Write something and share it!


2 thoughts on “What the…???


    The chimes intoned the midnight hour and all faces hidden behind the macabre and dour shields were due to be revealed.

    Edmund Duquesne knew many of the masks presented; he was proprietor of the village costume shoppe after all! When the call went out for the masks to be removed, there was a pronounced hush in the Grand Hall. Hesitation seemed the order of the day; no one wanted to be the first face uncovered.

    Sara Montague giggled. It seemed childish that there wasn’t a soul wishing to go first.

    “For crying out loud” she said as she reached for her mask.

    She gripped the edges and peeled it away from her face. Her cheeks were warm and her skin burned. The were blood-curdling screams as she raised her head to face the crowd. Sections of her cheeks and forehead were missing. Blood dripped down her chin and covered the bodice of her gown.

    Another mask was removed and the hideous disfigurement continued. Woman and man all displaying grotesque variations of their former selves. From the back of the hall, there was a rumble of laughter. It would build in volume and timber. A raucous guffaw became maniacal. Horrified guests turned to face Edmund Duquesne.

    He pulled his mask off as he held their attention. Women fainted as he revealed that his head was missing.

    “We are all left here to loose face.” the patrons heard.

    The never expected the lips of the mask to move.

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