The Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie fortuneFortune cookies.  Everyone looks forward to cracking that cookie open and seeing what their fortune is.  Often, these little strips don’t even provide a fortune, rather some silly saying.  What would happen if there was something magical about the fortune?  What if it really came true?  Today, write a little Flashy Fiction in which the fortune takes hold.  Maybe the recipient embraces the fortune and kind of helps it happen.  Maybe they fight it, but it happens anyway.

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3 thoughts on “The Fortune Cookie

  1. It’s not flashy fiction, but I liked the prompt. I’m still working on a title for this shadorma…but for now, I’ll capture, here, the draft that’s been bouncing around in my head:

    I am, in some things.
    In others,
    not so much.
    I suppose that’s just the way
    the cookie crumbles.

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  3. OK…so I couldn’t help myself…this little slip of paper kept niggling at my mind. Instead of just coming up with a title, I wrote a bit of flash fiction to precede the poem I wrote yesterday.


    Exhausted, Karen couldn’t cope with the thought of cooking anything after the long day at work. She could barely muster up the energy to make her way through the crowded sidewalk leading to her train stop. She could hear the “L” approaching and hurried the final steps, not wanting to miss the last train…

    The rest of the story can be found here:


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