Amandla Awethu!

Amandla Awethu

The lines in today’s photo-lyric prompt are from UB40’sSing Our Own Song“, an anti-Apartheid protest song released in 1986 that included the popular chant of Amandla Awethu, meaning “Power to the People”.  Write a little Flashy Fiction that centers around a champion of the people fighting against an oppressive government, or someone struggling to live within an oppressed society.  In either of those scenarios, the protagonist could be from the oppressed or the more-free part of society.  Instead of casting the governmental leader in the stereotypical role of antagonist, try making her the protagonist.  Maybe try to find a humorous take on a typically serious topic.

Write something and share it!


*The images making up the photo lyric are courtesy of Pixabay


Write Something! Share a little Flashy Fiction...

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