A Forest of Christmas Trees

Foggy Christmas Eve Nightimage courtesy of Digital Blasphemy

A forest full of snow-capped Christmas trees glowing warmly in the night.  But, how so?  Write a little Flashy Fiction that tells the story of the person who goes through the trouble to run power to all these trees and then string them up with lights and decorates them.  What’s their motivation and how can they afford the time and expense of it?  Maybe there’s no electricity involved at all.  Maybe it’s a trick of magic.  Maybe the fae have a reason for lighting up these trees on a snowy eve.  Based in science or magic (or a bit of both), have fun developing your how and why of the mystery of the Forest of Christmas Trees.

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3 thoughts on “A Forest of Christmas Trees

  1. Catherine’s Grove

    Picking out the family Christmas tree hadn’t been the same since Catherine passed away. She was the best at finding just the right one. Truth be told, he knew he was the muscle of the pair—it was she who had the eye for design. To him, they all looked the same!

    That first year, James and Catherine’s son and his family made the trek home from Miami to try to help bring some holiday cheer to the now-quiet home. And he appreciated their effort – but it just wasn’t the same. Robbie picked the first tree he came to and insisted it was the one Mom would have chosen—James knew it was more because his son had become too accustomed to the warm beaches, to stay too long in the Colorado cold.

    As the years passed, Robbie’s visits became fewer as his growing family got busier. And James found himself standing alone among the evergreens, hatchet in hand, missing the love of his life. Being in the mountains with Catherine were some of his best memories of their time together. He could almost see her excitedly darting from tree to tree, talking about how many more lights she planned to add to their tree that year.

    James wasn’t entirely certain of how much time had passed before he realized it had been snowing. The cold air stung the corners of his eyes, where tears had formed. Blinking and squinting, he didn’t know if he could trust what he was seeing. It looked as if ALL of the trees in front of him were filled with lights.

    Catherine had just sent James a gift from heaven. The beauty of the snow-covered trees, filled with more light than he’d felt or seen since Catherine’s death, gave him new inspiration. Instead of his annual trek with a hatchet to take down a tree, he returned to that spot each year with cords and generators and more and more lights, as his gift back to Catherine.

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