Empty Soul

George Michael photo lyric

Today’s photo-lyric prompt contains lines from two of George Michael’s songs.  “I think there’s something you should know…” comes from his hit song Freedom ’90 from his album Listen Without Prejudice, Vol 1.  The other lyric, “And the road that I have walked upon…”, is from Waiting (reprise) on the same album.  While George Micheal was a hugely successful musician, these are just a few of the lyrics in his songs that reveal a tortured soul, caught between playing the superstar for the record labels and trying to be himself.  Unfortunately, his demons finally claimed him this past Christmas day.  Write a little Flashy Fiction in which your protagonist struggles with their inner demon, but unlike so many musicians, let’s see how your protagonist wins the fight.

Write something and share it!


*The image above is the cover art from his Older album.


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