Characterization: Love Hate

TheImpossibleDreamClick the image to see a bigger version

Polarizing figures.  Some love them.  Some hate them.  Very few fall in the middle.  Write a little Flashy Fiction in which you create a character that is polarizing:  loved by many, hated by just as many.  Or take it a slightly different way and create a character that a person or many people love to hate.  You know the type, the person/group that no one likes or approves of, but can’t stop talking about them, following them on social media, or watching the TV when a blurb about them comes on.  Whichever type you choose, don’t just describe the character(s).  Bring them to life through conversation and/or actions.

Write something and share it!


*The image above is courtesy of Pixabay


Write Something! Share a little Flashy Fiction...

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