Dapplewood (Night)

Dapplewood (night)image courtesy of Digital Blasphemy

Here’s a lazy, peaceful little bit of wooded stream at night.  Look at all those fireflies…or are they.  Write a little Flashy Fiction set it this scene.  Maybe it is the tranquil, firefly-filled escape it appears at first glance…or maybe those aren’t really fireflies.  Maybe they are little fairies or some sort of malignant insect and guess who just showed up to be a late night snack.  Whichever way your mind wanders first, go that way, and be creative.

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Going Mental

Personaimage courtesy of Digital Blasphemy

Let’s explore the mind this week.  Write a little Flashy Fiction that takes place all in the head of the protagonist.  Maybe it’s an inner discussion, trying to decide on a course of action.  Maybe it’s a battle of the id, ego, and superego, or a struggle to maintain sanity.  Maybe the conflict is trying to sort through an over-abundance of information, an over stimulation.  Or, maybe you have a protagonist in complete control learning…perhaps learning how to slip outside of their own mind.

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The Floating Citadel

Approaching Asgardimage courtesy of Digital Blasphemy

Cresting the first peak in the spine of the snow-capped mountains, you can’t believe your eyes.  Clearing away the wind-induced tears from your eyes, you gaze in awe at the huge chunk of mountain floating above the highest peak up ahead with a citadel perched upon it.  You’d heard of it, of course, but not truly believed it until now.  Write a little Flashy Fiction the explains why your protagonist found her way here and what her plans are when she gets to the floating rock.  Is she just going to investigate or does she have some sort of business at the citadel?  Do they welcome visitors or will she have to find some means of getting up there unnoticed?  What will she find if and when she does?

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A Forest of Christmas Trees

Foggy Christmas Eve Nightimage courtesy of Digital Blasphemy

A forest full of snow-capped Christmas trees glowing warmly in the night.  But, how so?  Write a little Flashy Fiction that tells the story of the person who goes through the trouble to run power to all these trees and then string them up with lights and decorates them.  What’s their motivation and how can they afford the time and expense of it?  Maybe there’s no electricity involved at all.  Maybe it’s a trick of magic.  Maybe the fae have a reason for lighting up these trees on a snowy eve.  Based in science or magic (or a bit of both), have fun developing your how and why of the mystery of the Forest of Christmas Trees.

Write something and share it!